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Cap's Beard: Gone, but not forgotten

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Dec 7, 2018, 1:26 PM EST (Updated)

Today we come together to say goodbye to a dear, dear friend.

Steve Rogers’ Beard, our beloved, has left this mortal coil for greener pastures. We like to imagine that it and Gamora are traversing the valleys of the soul stone together, hand-in-beard.

It was earlier 2018. The world was on fire. Then from the shadows... You appeared.

cap beard

Credit: Marvel Studios

You shaved down the walls around our hearts. You were everything. Perfectly oiled and trimmed, we imagined you against our own cheeks.

You covered that chiseled jaw. You gave our hero, our Captain, warmth when he needed it most. You were no mere five o’clock shadow, you were the magnificent expression of a man who gave up a life of comfort for the world.

Beard knew what it wanted to be when it manifested on Earth’s mightiest hero. It knew it wanted to be a symbol. A symbol of resistance. Of hard work. Of pain. Of love.

It showed us that to resist is to be human. To want for a better world, and to fight for it when we have the chance.

Beard and its face fought hard. Living on the run, from safe house to safe house, but still stepping into the light when duty calls. Those are hard decisions to make.

It felt the pain of losing a friend and brother. It felt the pain of being misunderstood, of being maligned. Beard grew so Steve could live and hide.

But Beard loved. It loved action, it loved being there to protect Captain America’s face. It loved feeling Bucky’s face against its softness in Wakanda. It loved, it loved, it loved.

We mourn Beard and its short life because we know it had so much more to offer. So many more gifs and ecstatic tweets. Beard inspired us to be better because Beard made Captain America better.

This is our message to you, Beard. O BEARD, O BRISTLES OF BEAUTY. 

Peggy Carter Sad Cap Beard

Thank you for showing us light in the dark. Thank you for delivering us from evil. We look forward to seeing you again, someday. Until then, we lay your weary follicles to rest.



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