Captain America in Infinity War

Captain America ditches the costume for camo in amazing Infinity War concept art

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Nov 9, 2018, 9:28 AM EST

When you think of Captain America, you probably imagine him (with or without the mask) rocking red, white, and blue. This is why your mind is about to get blown by Ryan Meinerding’s vision of him in camo.

As Marvel Studios’ head of visual development, Meinerding wanted to push the boundaries of what Captain America could look like in Infinity War. The concept art he just tweeted is a vision of a survivor, which reflects the hero’s recent past.

Cap has been through the gantlet physically and mentally since Civil War. He’s already a fugitive. He and Black Widow had been running around on covert missions leading up to Infinity War, so he’s going to look like he needs a bath and some detergent.

Meinerding envisioned this version of Cap in all-out battle gear as rougher, more war-torn, a hero in the sense of a war hero more than a superhero. There’s something about trading in the suit for a soldier’s camo that makes him seem more relatable and human. For a moment, you even forget that, unlike the rest of us, he was injected with a power-boosting serum that makes him almost indestructible.

It does make sense that Meinerding’s initial concept ended up turning into a beat-up ghost of Captain America’s iconic costume. Fans want to recognize Captain America for who he is. They want the Cap suit in any form, even if it is ready to throw in the washer. That worn and dirty costume tells you everything you need to know about what Cap has been through up to this battle.

At least any art by Meinerding is Chris Evans-approved.

You also have to think that camo Cap would be impossible to see — a plus for him but a bane for squinting moviegoers — in the fray as Thanos pretty much vaporizes everything. While the final version of his costume is a much darker take on the colors of the American flag, you still can’t deny you’re seeing Captain America.

Though he does need that spandex in some form, you still can’t deny how badass Cap is in camo.

(via io9)