Captain America faces off with Winter Soldier in new set pics

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Jun 7, 2013

Work is well underway on Captain America: Winter Soldier, and some new set pics give us our first peek at one of Cap’s epic battles with his former pal-turned-nemesis.

Based on the acclaimed comic storyline of the same name, the story will follow Steve Rogers' (Chris Evans) battle with childhood friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) — who has been brainwashed and trained to kill.

Between his bionic arm and mad fighting skills, it looks like the Winter Soldier is capable of giving Cap a pretty good rumble. Plus, the Winter Soldier doesn’t play fair, as we can easily see from that knife he’s wielding.

What else stands out? The Winter Soldier is still masked at this point, meaning Cap might not yet know that he’s fighting his old pal in this scene. This is also the latest batch of pics to show Cap in his street clothes — as opposed to his star-spangled battle suit — meaning we might get a more casual Rogers this time around.

(Via Latino-Review)

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