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Captain America is headed to the far-flung future for an adventure with Cap's grandson

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Apr 2, 2018

We are about to take a look at Marvel Comics' version of the year 2134, and who better to take us into America's future than Captain America

Okay, maybe not Captain America, but it'll definitely be a member of the Rogers bloodline. A new Captain America storyline called "Promised Land" will explore Cap's legacy, not just in terms of the United States, but also in terms of Steve's family. According to Marvel, "Captain America's storied history in the Marvel Universe is spotlighted in an all-new adventure told through the eyes of Steve Rogers' grandson!"

The storyline is set to be written by Mark Waid, and will feature a host of guest artists. Captain America #701 (some of which can be seen below) will have artwork by Leonardo Romero, with JG Jones and Adam Hughes. Issue #702 will also feature Romero, but will have him working alongside Howard Chaykin and Chris Sprouse. Both will have covers by Michael Cho, a preview of which can be seen above. 

Captain America 701- Artwork by Hughes

Courtesy of Marvel

Although Romero will provide the backbone of the series' artwork, Marvel will continue to bring in guest artists to work with him on each issue, with the guests for issues #703 and #704 yet to be announced. The reasoning behind this is because, as Marvel states, the storyline "takes advantage of the entire history and legend of Captain America." 

Captain America #701 will be on sale May 6, 2018, with #702 following on May 16. How will Steve's grandson look upon his father's legacy? We'll have to wait to find out, but he'll certainly have a wide variety of artwork to help him go through all of it. 

Scroll through the gallery below to see more artwork from the new series, courtesy of Leonardo Romero, Howard Chaykin, and Adam Hughes. 

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