Captain America: Mark Waid and Chris Samnee take over post-Secret Empire

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

After an extended storyline that has seen Captain America, Steve Rogers, as a secret (then overt) agent of Hydra, he'll be returning to his superheroic ways after the events of Secret Empire.

The new creative team of Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, colorist Matt Wilson and letterer Joe Caramagna was announced during the Secret Empire panel Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, taking over with November's renumbered Captain America #695.


Marvel is relaunching their entire line this fall, with many books going to a new legacy numbering, adding up every volume of their various series. For Captain America, it's a return to the numbering but also a return to all-out heroics.

Many critics and some fans have been frustrated with the storyline that has seen Cap not just joining Hydra, but thanks to the cosmic cube having his reality re-written so he's always been Hydra. In the midst of the Secret Empire storyline now, he's leading the villainous organization with ties to the Nazis he used to famously punch, and has ordered the execution of fellow heroes and destroyed entire American cities like Las Vegas. That's a lot to come back from, altered reality or not.

Incoming writer Mark Waid said this is "the Steve Rogers that we know and love," and knows that he has to find his place in the Marvel Universe again, which will send him on a road trip of sorts around the country.

"This is him getting back in touch with Captain America, learning how people perceive [him] in light of Secret Empire," Waid teased, "Steve listening to people to find out how they feel about him and what they want from him from now on."

Marvel editor Alanna Smith added that "this series will feel like coming back home for a lot of readers."

Waid and Samnee revived Daredevil with a similar approach, and teamed on a run of Black Widow, continuing their critical and fan acclaim.

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