Captain America star campaigning to play Lara Croft

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Apr 17, 2013, 4:04 PM EDT (Updated)

A new Tomb Raider is already in the works thanks to the game series' recent successful relaunch. But who will play Lara Croft?

Did you play that new Tomb Raider game? Pretty darn good. Certainly it was good enough to warrant a new film. But let's be honest -- Angelina Jolie's a little too big a deal to fit into Lara's britches anymore. And, really, it's about time someone else stepped into the role anyway.

But who?

One actor thinks she's up for it -- Hayley Atwell. You might know her better as Peggy Carter from the Captain America movie. Need a refresher? Here ya go!

So! Where was I? Oh, yes. Lara Croft. Hayley Atwell really wants that part, and she's been making it known by retweeting anyone who says she should play Lara.

We are way on board for this casting. She was an absolute delight as Peggy Carter, not to mention her incredible performance as a World War II British secret agent in Restless and her deeply unsettling turn in Black Mirror. What we're saying is that, yes, she is an absolute stunner but, more importantly, she's got some serious chops.

That's what we think, anyway. How about you? Is Atwell your cup of tea, or did you have someone else in mind for Lara Croft?

(via Comic Book Movie)

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