Captain America: Steve Rogers writer on what's next for the newly re-powered hero

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Apr 29, 2016, 2:48 PM EDT

After being de-powered and turned into an old man in Marvel Comics continuity, Steve Rogers passed his shield to Sam Wilson, who has been holding down the fort in his stellar own, stellar standalone ‘book. But now, Steve has his mojo back — and he’s about to get a comic series back, too.

Writer Nick Spencer will be writing a new Captain America: Steve Rogers series, along with his existing duties on the Sam Wilson: Captain America run. He recently chatted with Comic Book Resources about the challenges of bringing Steve back into the fold, while also keeping Sam’s story relevant.

To catch up: Recent issues of the Pleasant Hill crossover arc had Steve re-powered by a cosmic cube, but he still wants Sam to keep the shield and the Cap mantle. So, Sam decides that if there can be two Spider-Men, then why not two Captain Americas? So, Cap is getting a different shield and gearing up to set off on his own mission. Perfect timing, considering it’s Cap’s 75th anniversary (not to mention a little Marvel movie hitting the big screen next week).

Here’s an excerpt from what Spencer had to say about the new Steve Rogers run:

"Steve is faced with some pretty major challenges. Obviously he's undergone a physical transformation and emotional transformation, so he has to readjust. He's got to deal with being a man again and the world around him, we're on the precipice of 'Civil War II' and the Red Skull has taken the reigns of HYDRA and made them more direct and brutal. Baron Zemo is still out there, trekking through the Himalayas with Dr. Selvig as his prisoner. Steven is facing it from all sides. Maria Hill is about to undergo a secret tribunal because of her actions in ‘Standoff’…

It's a major transformation and I wanted to make sure that didn't skip by. Going back to a young man has to be disorienting. Steve has always been older in his own skin and a man out of time, so in some ways the 90-year-old might have felt more comfortable. He might have acclimated to that better than people realized. And now he's brought back into the fray, to be a young man again is a chance to reconnect with that classic vibe of a man out of time and trying to adjust to changes around him." Spencer added that nothing happened to Sharon, so she's much older than him physically now. "He's got to deal with the fact that before this they were living a life of quasi-retirement of sorts, not as on the front lines. They were looking at being old together, and now they're in different places in life. That's obviously something we'll be dealing with in the book."

The first issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers No. 1 hits shelves May 25.

Do you think there’s room for two Caps out there? Which are you preferring these days?