Captain America writers talk Civil War, Black Panther, and Peggy Carter

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May 21, 2015, 11:25 AM EDT (Updated)

Captain America: Civil War will see Steve Rogers and Tony Stark duking it out on opposite sides (they were pretty much at odds already in The Avengers, but don’t worry, we’re sure they’ll kiss and make up. -- maybe), much as in the comic book storyline on which the upcoming Marvel movie is based.

Whilst speaking about Marvel’s Agent Carter at the Television Critics Association press tour (or TCA for short), screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (they’ve penned all three Captain America movies) were -- of course -- asked about Civil War. Avengers: Age of Ultron may be coming out in a few months, but we all want to know about Cap’s (Chris Evans) next adventure as well. The two writers didn’t go into too many details, but they’ve managed to drop some intriguing teases about the third Captain America flick.

McFeely did say, however, that the road to adapting Civil War has been a bit of a rocky one, since the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) didn’t exist at the time the comics were written:

“It’s been on and off the table for a while, let’s put it that way, and it’s a challenge to do it and make sure that all the characters that we’ve established, and everyone’s established in the MCU are serviced and sound correct, right? Because there’s a difference between the characters in Civil War, which was written in 2006, 2007. The MCU doesn’t exist [when it was written]. There isn’t a Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans who has helped create the character so we need to make sure that that template gets adjusted and what have you in order to make sure it services these characters and not just sort of rip off their parts and make them look like them.”

The writers promised that Captain America and Iron Man’s falling out -- which will happen in the wake of the Superhero Registration Act -- will be “untidy.” That should be good.

They also went on to explain why they think Marvel chose to bring back the Russo Brothers (Anthony and Joe) in the directors’ chairs for Cap’s third not-so-solo adventure:

“I think part of the reason for bringing back us and bringing back the [Russo] brothers is because Marvel is very pleased with Winter Soldier aesthetically. I think it’s a really adult movie. It’s very well made and that’s partly the texture of the movie. You can argue it’s the most realistic of the Marvel movies, whatever that is to you. I think it’s fair to say that a Russo brothers movie will stay in that vein.”

Markus and McFeely also talked about Peggy’s (Hayley Atwell) possible role in the third movie, since she has strong ties to both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark’s dad Howard (Dominic Cooper). Question is: What is Peggy’s relationship to Tony? We’ve seen in the Marvel TV series that Peggy also has a friendship of sorts with Stark's butler Edwin Jarvis, played by James D’Arcy. So, that means Peggy must have had some sort of ties to Tony, right?

“As we have not started shooting, and I’m on my fourth draft of many, that question [of who Peggy was to Tony Stark] has been in and out all over the place so who knows. So many things can shake out but we’ve had conversations and we pitched scenes. Some stay and some don’t. But we saw [Peggy] in Winter Soldier, so we know she’s around.”

Last, but not least, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely also talked about T’Challa, aka Black Panther, who everyone here is no doubt looking forward to seeing and who will be introduced in Civil War, before headlining his own solo movie in 2017. The dynamic writing duo remained coy on the subject, but they mentioned they were excited that Chadwick Boseman had been cast in the role, with McFeely saying:

“I’ll keep that one close to the vest, but I’m very gratified that they went with Chadwick and that he said yes because he’s a good get.”

Captain America: Civil War will also see the return of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes, who will have a bigger role to play than the one he had in The Winter Soldier.

Will you be catching Captain America: Civil War when it comes out on May 6, 2016?

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