Captain Marvel comic writer shocked by film: 'I could not be more thrilled to be wrong'

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Nov 3, 2014

When Marvel decided to go ahead and announce almost a dozen new films, fans were probably most surprised that Carol Danvers’ new-look Captain Marvel made the cut.

Comic writer Kelly Sue Deconnick, who was in charge of revitalizing the long-running character in the 2012 relaunch — which the film will (apparently) be based on  chatted with IGN about the film news, and it turns out she was just as surprised as the rest of us. She’s not currently signed with Marvel, but you’d still think she might get a heads-up.

Nonetheless, she was psyched about the news — but admitted she never thought her version of Captain Marvel would make the cut to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Everyone’s been waiting for a female-led Marvel film ever since Robert Downey Jr. turned Iron Man into a household name, and Deconnick dug into why she thinks Carol Danvers is the perfect choice.

Check out an excerpt from her comments below:

“I was gobsmacked. I did not see that coming, and I would have bet high dollar against it. I could not be more thrilled to be wrong. The only thing I know [about the movie] is what [Kevin] Feige said at the announcement, which is, she's an Earth-based Carol who has cosmic-based powers. So the tone of the film is very much up in the air. It'll depend, I'm sure, on the screenplay, what direction they want to go with it, and the vision that their director has. There's a lot of different ways they could go with Carol. I have every faith that they'll do well by her. The films have been utterly fantastic. But without knowing anything about the film, the only thing that I could say that's new is, hey, yeah, female protagonist. I could not be more excited about that.

I felt like my challenge was to nudge her character back to someone who would be easy to cheer for, someone who could carry a solo book and be indisputably the hero. So my pitch was, 'Carol Danvers as Chuck Yeager,’ She has kind of a dorky sense of humor that's a good, fun thing to play up with her. She's short-tempered; that's something most of us can relate to at one time or another in our lives. She means well. I think if you focus on that stuff and you focus on the fact that she's incredibly driven, she wants to win, she's unapologetic about wanting to win -- if you focus on all of that stuff, then she's an incredibly American hero. She's very easy to root for in that way.”

Considering she’s the mind behind the current version, Deconnick really hits the character on the head. All they have to do is use her current run as a template, and there are more than enough great character beats and storylines to mine to get this one off the ground successfully.

Were you as surprised as Deconnick about the Captain Marvel news? What do you want from the big-screen version?

(Via IGN)

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