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Captain Marvel gets a new poster a day ahead of the movie's next trailer

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Dec 2, 2018

The anticipation around the MCU's upcoming Captain Marvel has been growing for some time, and as we inch closer to the film's theatrical release this coming March, the hype machine is about to kick into high gear. 

Tonight, the official Captain Marvel Twitter account dropped an all-new poster, just minutes after it was announced that an all-new trailer will premiere tomorrow night during Monday Night Football on ESPN. 

This is quite a contrast to the first poster released by Marvel, which showed star Brie Larson in costume as Captain Marvel strolling into an airplane hanger and only hinting at her considerable superpowers. Now, the pilot once known as Carol Danvers looks like she's amped up to 11, while the background features both 90s-era military aircraft as well as alien starships, a nod to the two worlds her character will bridge in what Kevin Feige is calling a 'different type of origin story.' 

Unfortunately, this one appears to lack a cameo appearance by her pet flerken, Chewie, who we just learned has been re-named Goose for its big screen debut, thanks to a recently announced Funko Pop! toy. While its comic book name, Chewie, likely veered too close to Chewbacca, the name change does go well with Danvers' overall Top Gun aesthetic

Considering how the last time we got a glimpse of Larson as Earth's cosmic savior was from an image on Twitter that was scoured over so thoroughly it revealed the number for 'America's hottest talk line,' it's a safe bet that every screenshot of tomorrow's trailer will be analyzed and debated over until the film soars into theaters this coming March. Which, honestly, isn't the worst way to spend these next few months. 

Are you stoked to see the new Captain Marvel trailer tomorrow? Let us know in the comments. 

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