Captain Marvel introduces the Skrulls and more details at Marvel's Hall H panel

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:17 AM EDT (Updated)

As of this writing, the Marvel Studios panel is still ongoing in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. Details are coming very quickly, and you can expect a thorough recap from SYFY WIRE later in the evening. However...

Kevin Feige, the ever-present Marvel Cinematic Universe mastermind, has just unveiled a few highly anticipated details about Captain Marvel, the MCU's first female-led film.

Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) does indeed have a role to play, and when he appears he will have two good eyes instead of one.

That's because this film is actually set in the 1990s, years before Iron Man and years after Captain America: The First Avenger. That raises all manner of questions about how this film and the character of Carol Danvers fits into the MCU. In the most famous run for the character -- led by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick -- Carol is a bit of a veteran who's been at the superhero and the Air Force game for a while. Perhaps we need to get to know her in her early days before we see her join up with the Avengers? Captain America: Civil War proved the studio has figured out how to visually alter the age of its characters well. What's not clear yet is how much star Brie Larson will go through that process.

And another huge reveal: The villains of the film will be the Skrulls! That's right, the original classic Marvel aliens will finally make their cinematic debut in Captain Marvel. It's not clear right now how Marvel pulled this off (given that Skrulls are most commonly associated with the Fantastic Four, whose film rights rest with Fox) but this has been a long time coming. Before the Chitauri were unveiled as the Avengers villains, many fans thought the Skrulls would be at the forefront of that film. Now, they're finally getting their due, which further complicates the MCU timeline... but in a good way, right?

Captain Marvel won't hit theaters until March 8, 2019. In the meantime, here's a peek at some amazing concept art.