Captain Marvel screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet promises comic-heavy influences

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

After helping craft the newest Croft (Lara, that is), screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet’s next project is Marvel's upcoming Captain Marvel film. That film still has a ways to go, production-wise, but understanding the approach to the story can help fans understand what to expect from the hero’s first on-screen entry into the MCU.

In an interview with Collider, Robertson-Dworet described her six months on the story and how her experience on Tomb Raider influenced it.

After proving herself with early Tomb Raider drafts that were “very Marvel in tone, emphasizing the fun of it,” the writer was able to turn those “action comedy” script samples into a writing job on the Brie Larson-starring project. She was in the second wave of screenwriting to happen on the project after Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) cracked the story. She just had to refine the vision.

“It’s a very structured environment,” Robertson-Dworet said. “You’re in this amazing collaborative environment, where you go in and meet with the team in person, a lot. Kevin Feige is there, multiple times a week, meeting with you and talking you through his vision of it, within how this story fits into the universe and what you want to do with the character.”


At this point, Larson had been signed on as the lead and the tone had been established. “We had all of the pieces ahead of time,” the writer said.

Luckily, fans of the comics need not fret when it comes to how faithfully she will be adapted for the big screen. “We really were bringing so much of what was already in the comics onto the screen, it felt like, in terms of the amazing character who’s so funny and sassy and talks back,” said Robertson-Dworet. “And she’s fearless.” The quippy action-comedy that Tomb Raider almost was became the perfect humorous rhythm for a Marvel universe whose stars (Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Stephen Strange, Peter Quill) always seem to have the last word.

“I love that Carol Danvers is so funny,” Robertson-Dworet emphasized, “She has a blast when she kicks ass.” Where Tomb Raider went serious and realistic, it sounds like Captain Marvel is going flashy and fun — with plenty of comic-like one-liners punctuating the action.

Captain Marvel is scheduled for release on March 6, 2019.