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Captain Marvel star Brie Larson disputes report she's signed for 7 films

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Oct 11, 2018, 1:36 PM EDT

Captain Marvel may not be sticking around as long as we’d thought. Star Brie Larson recently went on Twitter to call out some presumably incorrect reporting on her contractual details with the MCU, dashing the hopes of fans who’d wanted her to stick around at least as long as Black Widow.

The report was that Larson’s seven-figure payday came from signing up for seven films spanning multiple franchises and Larson simply said, “Counterpoint: this is not true.” We’ve included both a screenshot version and a link to the Tweet, since the source she’s quoting has since been deleted.

Check it out:

Brie Larson tweet screenshot

Source: IGN

The Hollywood Reporter initially wrote that “Brie Larson, whose Oscar win for 2015's Room figures into her deals, will be paid some $5 million for next year's Captain Marvel movie (Larson landed a generous payday but in exchange signed a seven-picture deal that locks her into multiple franchises.)”

This is apparently the quote in dispute by Larson, which follows with the official statement from Marvel to the THR piece, which was that “Marvel Studios disputes the accuracy of these numbers.” So some or all of this report may have changed in the time since THR got its information, was off from the jump, or Marvel may just be disputing for the sake of not wanting its A-list star negotiations in the public eye.

With Chris Evans hinting that he’s done with Captain America and the Avengers arc coming to a close, speculation is high about what the future holds for the MCU — and now we’re not so sure how Larson’s Captain Marvel fits into it. Of course, it could also just mean she's signed a six-picture deal — or an eight-picture deal — so we'll have to wait for a few more phases to get announced for further clarity.