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Captain Marvel's cat Chewie gets a new new name for the big screen

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Nov 30, 2018, 2:58 PM EST

Ever since the Captain Marvel poster dropped, comic fans have known that Carol Danvers’ adopted alien cat would play a part — however small — in the upcoming Marvel film. But the comic’s version is named Chewie, a riff on Star Wars co-pilot and lovable furry lug Chewbacca. Now, with a new toy released for the film, it seems audiences can expect a new name for the not-quite-a-cat — one with a different, yet thematically-adjacent pop culture reference.

Chewie got her name in Ms. Marvel Vol 2 #5, but Funko seems to have renamed the orange space kitty to the moniker of a new wingman: Goose.

Goose Captain Marvel

Source: Funko

Yep, Goose the Cat will be taking its name from Top Gun, leaning into the Air Force pilot origin story for Danvers and Maria Rambeau. Nick "Goose" Bradshaw was Tom Cruise’s character’s wingman in the ‘80s flyboy film, sporting a great mustache and a tragic end. Hopefully these things don’t befall the feline Goose, but it does make sense how she got the name.

Why the change happened is up for speculation, since Marvel is owned by Disney, which owns Star Wars. Why wouldn’t they want to keep that crossover branding alive? Maybe it’s to more securely set the time period, maybe it’s to set up Goose’s larger role in the film — which seems to be happening since she’s got a few different figures of her own.

The Funko release also showed off the Kree version of Danvers, which seems to reveal that she’ll have a different name as a Starforce officer — possibly relating to her scrambled memories. The figure’s name is Vers, which could certainly be what the Kree call her before she dons the red, gold, and blue of Captain Marvel. Or maybe its short for Danvers?

Captain Marvel Vers

Source: Funko

Captain Marvel and the newly-named Goose hit theaters on March 8, 2019.