Captain Nemo would lust after this amazing ultra-luxury submarine hotel

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:25 AM EDT (Updated)

Tired of staying at the Red Lion or Motel 6?  Join the Mile Low Club and try something new, but prepare to shell out a small fortune to rest your head in this sensational, $290K-a-night submarine. 

Oliver's Travels, a British billionaire adventure travel company, has christened its vessel Lover's Deep, an ultra-luxury underwater vessel that will pick you up on the Caribbean Island of your choice.  The leisure submarine's interior is appointed with giant, exterior-illuminated windows, comfy couches, flat-screen HD TVs, a plush king-size bed, a private butler, a gourmet chef with arrival champagne and aphrodisiac tasting menu, speedboat beach transfer and rose-petal-scattered sheets with romantic Barry White soundtrack.  Oh, and there's also a two-night minimum. 

Hairless pet cat and swiveling supervillain armchair not included.

Here's a description from the site:

Situated just off the coast of a beautiful Caribbean island of your choice, Lovers Deep is the most luxurious and exclusive property available on Oliver’s Travels.  The property (a leisure submarine intended for couples who want to have a private night together submerged beneath the ocean waves) is designed to your personal specification and built as a unique, one-off trip of a lifetime that you’ll never forget.  The stunning views of the marine world will take your breath away and the vessel comes fully staffed with your very own team who are on hand to make sure you never have to take your eyes off the view, or each other. 

(Via Geekologie)