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Captain Planet screenwriter calls live-action adaptation 'dark and irreverent'

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Sep 5, 2018, 6:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Over 20 years since Captain Planet's debut and the environment is still in desparate need of saving. That's why Paramount Pictures and Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way Productions are currently developing a live-action movie of Captain Planet and the Planeteers, the educational (not to mention iconic) cartoon of the 1990s. It's a natural fit for DiCaprio, who is a very outspoken supporter of going green and protecting the planet against pollution and climate change. 

The script for the project is being penned by Jono Matt (Sons of Anarchy) and Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick). While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Powell explained that previous attempts to adapt Captain Planet failed because they were too serious. 

“I mean they've tried to make it into a superhero movie before, but they kind of did like an earnest take and ours is way more subversive and fun and like dark and irreverent," he said. 

Basically, you can't make a superhero movie in the mold of Marvel or DC when it comes to Captain Planet. You have to sort of think outside the box and do something new, almost like Deadpool.

 "Sometimes you have to think of these things logically. If you have a blue superhero with a green mullet, you can't do like an earnest take on that. You have to go at it from a fun [direction]," Powell added. 

Created by Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle, Captain Planet and the Planeteers followed five young people from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and the Soviet Union (this was before the Cold War ended), who are granted five magical rings from Gaia, the spirit of the Earth. Each ring holds the power of a certain element (earth, wind, fire, etc.) and when combined, they can summon Captain Planet. 

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