Comic writer Ed Brubaker on what's next for Captain America and Daredevil

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Ed Brubaker, who writes Captain America and Daredevil comic books for Marvel, told reporters to expect a big shock in the upcoming 50th issue of the Captain America series he writes. Leading up to that, the stories of the new Captain, Bucky and Sharon Carter (who killed Steve Rogers while brainwashed) will get complicated. Brubaker also has news about the coming Captain America movie, as well as other Marvel films he may be involved with.

"Lots of big stuff is coming," Brubaker said in a group interview last week in Universal City, Calif. "This summer's going to be really exciting, big stuff with Captain America coming up. Currently in the storyline, Bucky is sort of the new Cap, and he's being faced with this horrifying past as the Winter Soldier. So that's all sort of coming to a head. We'll have a whole issue soon devoted to Sharon Carter and her memories of the day that Captain America died and starting to see things from a different perspective, actually; maybe learn some new mysteries."

In the Daredevil universe, a familiar villain will return. "Kingpin's about to come back to town, and it's not going to be pretty," Brubaker said. "I just saw some pages this morning from an issue that's all the Kingpin, that's a solo issue about the Kingpin in Spain."

Brubaker added that he's also busy starting a new comic-book series. "[I] just launched a new book called Incognito that is about a guy who's like sort of a pulp villain living in witness protection," he said. "That's a huge sellout nationwide, actually, and we're going back to print on that. I'm [still] writing Captain America. Daredevil, just finishing up a big storyline in that, and a couple special projects for this coming summer that I can't talk about yet. Really big Marvel stuff, not crossovers, but big Marvel stuff. You'll like it if you read comics."

As more Marvel movies go into development, Brubaker expects to be involved in a Captain America film as well. "I think I'm going to," he said. "I've talked to the Marvel Studios guys, and I think I'm going to be part of the brain trust on that, like they had for Iron Man. They've talked to me about it already. I talk to those guys a lot."

As for the rumored Daredevil movie reboot, Brubaker is not in the loop. "I mean, I'll be involved if they want me to be, but no," he said. "I'll be involved in any of that stuff they want me to be. I'm just trying to weasel my way in on as much of it as I can."

The movie Brubaker really wants to see is Iron Fist, which was one of Marvel's earliest movie proposals in a version Kirk Wong would have directed, starring Ray Park. Lately, Iron Fist has been on the back burner with director Steve Carr.

"I'm really, really pressuring them to do an Iron Fist movie, because I think that would just be awesome," Brubaker said. "With our take on it, it'd be great, I think. They're interested, so we'll see. I'm hopefully going to meet with them tomorrow and just try to push them some more. They're interested in it. Marvel Studios has a lot of plans, though, so I'm just trying to sort of get my way in as soon as I can."