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Captive State shows off its aliens in first full trailer

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Dec 12, 2018

Captive State, the Rupert Wyatt-helmed story of a U.S. held in a false utopia by alien invaders, has had a few trailers already with the second punching through and commenting on the lies of the first. Everything may seem great in the film’s Chicago setting — with no poverty, unemployment, or crime — but that’s also what a bunch of aliens are telling us. Perhaps the underground resistance movement is the right way to go.

Written and directed by Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Wyatt and starring Ashton Sanders, Vera Farmiga, and John Goodman, the film operates in a world that’s lived a decade under alien rule. There will certainly be bad aliens, bad humans, and a few good eggs fighting for humanity’s old way of life... which may rise again like a phoenix if all goes according to plan.

The film’s first full trailer pits Goodman against Sanders, with the former being some sort of government agent and the latter coming from a family of political troublemakers.

You can check that out above and see Goodman all strapped down below:

Captive State John Goodman

Source: Parrish Lewis / Focus Features

The trailer contains the first look we’ve had at the film’s spiky alien invaders, which seem to wear some killer spacesuits and have even bigger, furrier companions waiting for the human uprising to kick off, just to have a bit of fun. It looks like a healthy blend of alien-invasion tropes, sci-fi allegory like that found in The Hunger Games or Elysium, and some great urban grime that Wyatt was able to inject into his modern Planet of the Apes.

Captive State has launched an in-universe news site before the film comes to Earth on March 29.

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