This carbon-positive house offers the environmental impact of 6,000 trees

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Feb 25, 2015, 7:52 AM EST (Updated)

Cutting down on humanity’s negative impact on the environment is obviously important, but this new home design takes things a step (or three) further.

There is a major push into carbon-neutral concepts these days, which basically mean you’re breaking even in regard to environmental impact (namely: you’re not making things worse). But the designers at ArchiBlox have developed some small prefabricated home designs that could potentially go a long way toward actually making things better.

One of the company’s first “carbon-positive” prefabricated homes is currently on display in Melbourne's City Square, and it’s definitely a stylish little dwelling. But what makes it special? Pretty much the whole thing is built from sustainable materials, obviously, but it also includes a “green roof” of plants, and several small plants and garden planters embedded in the design, not to mention the solar power panels and a solar-powered hot water system.

When at full effect, the home is estimated to match the environmental impact of planting 6,095 native trees, taking 267 cars off the road or removing 31 million balloons of CO2 gas from the atmosphere. Not bad for just chilling out and living in a stylish, albeit expensive (starting cost for the one-person abode is $260,000) little pad.

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