Care Bears: Enter the Magic
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Development roundup: Care Bears stare down new series, Ladybug & Cat Noir go live action

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Sep 6, 2018, 1:54 PM EDT

New and old adaptations are coming down the pike for the younger geeky crowd, though nerds with a healthy sense of nostalgia may find themselves enjoying the upcoming properties with only a tiny bit of shame.

Let's go in descending order of newness. First up, it's Larry, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is writer/director Jacob Chase's feature debut. The horror film is based on Chase's short and has cast Community star Gillian Jacobs alongside Azhy Robertson in a pairing likened to The Sixth Sense. The film is a modern monster tale, with Robertson playing a troubled boy whose family has become subject to terrorization by a tech-spawned beast. Production begins on Oct. 2 in Toronto.


Next in the adaptation lineup is superhero tale Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, and thanks to Skydance Media, the animated series will see live-action feature film and television projects developed. Created by Jeremy Zag, the Parisian duo are a couple of teens (Marinette and Adrien) who crush on each other in real life and unknowingly moonlight together as a superhero team. Imagine Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger but much, much more French.

Skydance will take the series to the big screen for a live-action adaptation aimed at 2020, according to Deadline. The show itself is currently producing more seasons as Netflix has acquired the streaming rights in the U.S.

“It’s been my longtime dream to bring this world to life,” said Zag. “The Skydance team really understands and embraces the vision we have for this very special superhero love story. They have an incredible track record of producing exciting action with compelling characters and are the perfect team to express the magic and adventure of Ladybug and Cat Noir.”


Something a little more familiar to U.S. audiences (of a certain age especially) are the Care Bears. Yes, those scary staring bears with the cuddly stomach emblems aren’t gone from pop culture yet — and they’ll wring every ounce of ‘80s nostalgia out of you (or, more likely, your kids). Though the potential for a new wave of earnest Care Bear fans certainly exists, supplanting My Little Pony’s Bronies as the show displays its Care Bear wares.

According to a release, classic cartoon subscription streaming service Boomerang will revitalize the bears with the new series Care Bears: Unlock the Magic. The 2D series from Cloudco Entertainment will initially comprise 48 11-minute regular episodes, two 22-minute specials, and 20 character-focused shorts. That’s a lot of caring.

Branching out from the original series, the show will explore realms beyond Care-a-Lot, specifically the surrounding area called “The Silver Lining” and introduce Dibble — some sort of blocky, cooing baby pet — to the cast. Weird. But, if that’s your thing, the show will preview select episodes in the months before its yet-to-be-announced release.