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Care Bears unlock the magic of reboots in new show's first trailer

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Jan 8, 2019, 10:00 AM EST

The icon-bellied bears that love friendship almost as much as they love magic are coming back from parents’ childhoods in a big way thanks to their new show on Boomerang.

The Care Bears are blasting back from the ‘80s with Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, a revamped version of ursine nostalgia coming to the classic cartoon subscription streaming service in a slew of quick episodes, slightly longer specials, and character-centric short pieces of animation. Now, they’ve released the first look (or, perhaps, the first stare) at the new bears in action with the show’s first trailer.

Check it out:

Plenty to like for new fans and those looking to return to the glory days of caring — even if that villainous Bluster (leader of the Bad Crowd) is there, too. The trailer release also contained a new premiere date (Feb. 1) and some fun pictures and GIFs of the characters (both old, like the bears, and new, like the aforementioned evil and punk-vest-clad Bluster) in their new art style.

Take a look:

Bluster - Care Bears: Unlock the Magic

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Share Bear

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Good Luck Bear

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So there’s bears, badges, a baddie, and some very gullible and argumentative (if loving) whiffles. Sounds like plenty to bolster a new show, especially one attempting to distinguish itself from a much-beloved property from a few decades ago. Fans can find out for themselves when Care Bears: Unlock the Magic hits Boomerang on Feb. 1.