Director sets free the sizzle reels from his dead Daredevil pitch

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Dec 17, 2012

In recent weeks, we've been teased with the potential for a gritty, exploitation-esque take on Daredevil, courtesy of Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Narc). Sadly, the movie's a bust, but Carnahan was nice enough to show fans what could've been, thanks to the sizzle reels worked up for the studio. Want to see what he had in mind?

Carnahan released two concept clips on YouTube, showing off the ideas he had for his 1973-set version of the blind, Hell's Kitchen crime fighter. The clips are comprised of snippets from Ben Affleck's mixed-bag 2003 Daredevil and some '70s-esque world building shots and comic book frames.

In a world of Avengers-esque gloss, Carnahan's pitch looks like a breath of fresh superhero air. It feels like the sweet spot between Life on Mars and Batman Begins, and it seems we really missed out on something that could have been really special.

Check out the more violent version of the sizzle reel below.

Carnahan also mocked up a similar PG-13 pitch, which can be viewed here:

Carnahan explained via Twitter exactly why the film didn't come together. As expected, most of the problems revolved around the tight schedule they were developing under, with the Daredevil film rights set to revert to Marvel in October if a film at Fox wasn't shooting by that point.

Though it could mean a longer wait until Daredevil returns to the big screen, in all honesty, the character will likely be best treated back at Marvel. I mean, they do have a pretty good track record in recent years. (See: The Avengers.) But here's hoping they'll give Carnahan a shot to pitch his idea there. Hey, a '70s-set Daredevil could still work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, right?

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