Carnival of Space #30

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Nov 23, 2007

I have long wanted to host the Carnival of Space #30, at least as long as an hour ago when Fraser asked me to host it. So it's a short-term dream come true. So without further ado, let's get to the verbatim HTML code he sent me!

Spacefiles provides a collection of images documenting known activity on rocky bodies of the outer solar system.

If Bussard IEC fusion works (which could be as early as 2013) then it will enable fusion rockets with costs that are 100 times less than the best current chemical rockets. Here is an early glimpse of the minimum that would be possible.

The stunning images of Earth returned by the European Space Agency's "Comet chaser" probe Rosetta have rightly been featured all across the Net, and inspired blog entries by hundreds if not thousands of bloggers. Stuart Atkinson was inspired to praise and commemorate the historic fly-past in a rather different way...

collectSpace has this piece about how one small silicon disc delivered a giant message to the Moon.

A Babe in the Universe writes about new evidence of planets forming in the Pleiades at this moment. This calls to mind mysteries of planet formation, and possible solutions.

Ian Musgrave at Astroblog talks about the recent occultation of Neptune.

The Planetary Society blog has a story about an unidentified object thought to be following Rosetta in for its recent flyby.

Centauri Dreams analyzes Drake Deming's presentation at the recent astrophysics conference held at the Space Telescope Science Institute. It looks at the advances we can expect to see in coming years especially as we refine transit methods to find extrasolar planets.

The Space Cynics look at the issue of lender security in financing, and conclude that NewSpace, unlike RealSpace (a thriving multibillion dollar sector), is unlikely to gain from any international treaties or accords providing such security to the finance community.

Pamela Gay digs up research of a newly discovered planet orbiting a star with a binary partner.

Astronomy Picture of the Day is showing an amazing picture of a green aurora above Juneau, Alaska.

Hobbyspace looks into Senator Obama's positions on space policy.

Universe Today presents a new technique using neutrinos that could let scientists image the Earth's interior.

And finally, we break away from the verbatim HTML code Fraser sent me because referring to myself that way would create a massive causality violation which would paradoxicate the entire Universe. So I'll rephrase and say that

Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy I finds a mistake in a comic about black holes and deal with it uproariously and brilliantly.

That's it for this edition of the Carnival of Space. Stay tuned next time for the Carnival's appearance wherever Fraser commands it to materialize!

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