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Carol Danvers takes up Captain America's shield in Edge of Venomverse

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Sep 7, 2017

Surprising news from the Marvel universe: It appears that Carol Danvers, best known as Captain Marvel, will be taking up the shield (and mantle) of Captain American within the comics. Sadly, it’s not within the main Marvel universe. This story takes place within an alternate universe.

According to Magdalene Visaggio, this panel is from her Venomized Rocket Raccoon story within Edge of Venomverse: War Stories #1, with art by Alex Arizmendi and colors by Lee Loughridge. This Carol also features a different set of powers than the Carol Danvers we know and love (who inherited her superpowers from the Kree agent Mar-Vell). Visaggio explains that this alternate-universe Captain Marvel/Captain America’s powers are activated when she picks up the shield.

The trolls are having a field day with this one (just take a look at the replies to Visaggio’s original tweet if you’re curious to know more). Even if it’s an alternate universe, it’s exciting to see Carol take on some new challenges (that don’t do terrible things to the character — let’s not talk Civil War II). You can pick up Edge of Venomverse: War Stories #1 at any comics shop to see the character in action for yourself.

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