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Multi-hyphenate Carrie Brownstein adding Fairy Godmother feature director to resume

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May 19, 2017

Looks like Carrie Brownstein will be setting aside rocking out with Sleater-Kinney and creating-writing-acting-in Portlandia for a spell, as she's just landed her first feature-film directing gig. Or maybe the multi-hyphenate talent is just going to forgo sleeping instead.

Don't you just love talented people?

I do, which is why I'm looking forward to seeing what Brownstein does with MGM's Fairy Godmother, from a spec written by playwright/blogger Chiara Atick. Deadline describes the film as a comic-revisionist look at the classic fairy tale:

"Its logline: When sought-after Fairy Godmother Faye is hired by a mind-bogglingly gorgeous teenage client, Kenzie, to find her true love with the hottest prince in the land, Faye finds herself facing an unfamiliar challenge when the prince starts falling for her instead."

So some fantasy, some comedy, some romance, I'm guessing. All Brownstein's vision, of course, but no word yet on whether or not she'll be directing herself in the film. We know she's sure got the chops for it, as she's pulled off an array of incredible characters on Portlandia (see below). And though she's never directed a feature, she already has plenty of experience behind the camera too, including episodes of Portlandia, and a Tribeca X Award finalist short, The Realest Real, starring Natasha Lyonne and Mahershala Ali.


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