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Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones will reunite, but not on Star Wars!

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Jan 24, 2014

Some of the classic Star Wars actors might reunite in a galaxy far, far away, but two of them will definitely be appearing together someplace else entirely.

At some point Han, Luke and Leia will probably all appear on the big screen again, which still seems so big and so unlikely, despite evidence to the contrary, that we can't even compute it.

But in the meantime, we can absolutely believe that Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones will be appearing on the most popular TV show, The Big Bang Theory. And they'll be guesting very, very soon.

On Jan. 30, both actors will appear in an episode for which the plot is "For the first time, the guys are unable to get Comic-Con tickets, so Sheldon attempts to start his own convention. He needs a killer panelist, but everyone on his list hangs up on him. So he sets his sights on James Earl Jones and tracks him down."

Apparently Fisher will have an "interesting" cameo. Will she play herself? Will she play a fan? Will she play Princess Leia? Or something else entirely?

In any event, it's quite cool knowing these actors will show up on the same show, if only because it makes these new Star Wars movies feel even more real.

(via TV Guide)

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