Carrie Fisher's brother Todd would 'love it' if Leia continued to appear in Star Wars

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Jun 27, 2018, 12:04 PM EDT

As far as anyone knows right now, we have seen the last of Carrie Fisher's Leia Organa in live-action Star Wars stories. If it were up to Fisher's brother Todd, though, Leia could stick around, if only as a digital recreation.

Todd Fisher, who lost both his sister and his mother — screen legend Debbie Reynolds — over the course of just two days in December of 2016, is making the interview rounds right now to promote My Girls, a new memoir he wrote about Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. Naturally, Star Wars is bound to come up, and since Fisher's time with the franchise was cut tragically short, so is the question of how to address her character in the future of the saga. 

At the time of Fisher's passing, she had already completed work on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a film that seemed primed to set up another prominent arc for the character in Star Wars Episode IX. Last Jedi director Rian Johnson has said that he briefly considered rewriting or restructuring the film after Fisher's death, but decided to leave her scenes intact. So, as far as that film is concerned, Leia remains alive in the Star Wars timeline, which means Episode IX will have to address Fisher's death in some form, even if Leia's own death occurs offscreen. 

Even before The Last Jedi arrived, there were rumors that Lucasfilm was considering a digital recreation of Fisher (as they'd done with a younger version of Leia for 2016's Rogue One) to finish up her time in the saga in Episode IX. Lucasfilm swiftly debunked those reports, which were then followed by a fan petition to cast Fisher's longtime friend Meryl Streep in the Leia role going forward. That, too, seems to have been swept aside by Lucasfilm. We don't yet know how Episode IX will deal with the loss of Fisher, whether the film will feature some kind of funeral or connecting material or anything else. Speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment, Todd Fisher said he'd be perfectly happy not to see the franchise kill Leia off at all.

“I can tell you from my perspective, as the brother of Princess Leia, I would love it if they would carry on with Carrie," he said. "And I mean, how do you separate Princess Leia at this point from all of that? I mean, it is a foundation of the story, she is a pivotal character that the world has come to love.

"Technically, obviously, we live in a time where that could be done easily, where she could be brought in and out. I would love it."

This isn't the first time Fisher's been keen on seeing his sister return to the screen posthumously as Leia. Last year, he said he and his niece, Fisher's daughter Billie Lourd, had granted Lucasfilm permission to use existing footage of Carrie Fisher in Episode IX, but studio head Kathleen Kennedy swiftly clarified that it wasn't something they would consider. That doesn't mean Leia will never appear again in any capacity in live action, but as far as we know, Carrie Fisher's time with the character ended with the final frame she filmed in The Last Jedi. As far as Todd Fisher is concerned, though, Leia can live on if the filmmakers want it.