Carrie Fisher's dog Gary is now canon thanks to Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Dec 6, 2017

Forget the porgs, and forget the vulptices. Furry little puffins and crystal foxes are nothing next to the power of... SPACE GARY!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be notable for many reasons, but chief among them is that it contains the legendary Carrie Fisher's final performance. The actress behind General Leia (and so very much more) had a huge influence on the cast of the film, and her presence is very much missed during the marathon press tour that the new film is undergoing. Fisher was noted for being nothing less than her hilarious, honest, and down-to-earth self during interviews, especially the press tour for previous SW film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

One of the best parts of her interviews during the build up to that film was the constant presence of her dog. We're talking about the ultimate attention grabber, Gary Fisher.


This beloved French Bulldog was constantly by Fisher's side, often with his tongue lagging out of his mouth, or just full-on sleeping. He stole every appearance, and when your master is Carrie Fisher, that's no easy feat. Gary soon had all kinds of social media accounts, and became nearly just as popular with fans of Carrie Fisher as he was with Fisher herself.

In a delightful surprise, the latest Star Wars film will not just feature Fisher, but a salute to Gary, as well. Eagle-eyed Star Wars fan Clair Henry recently spotted a creature in a recent press photo, and sent it out to twitter for confirmation. Was this creature based on Gary? Could it possibly be...Space Gary? 

Rian Johnson, the writer and director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (and all around wonderful tweeter) soon confirmed it:

So there you have it, everyone. Space Gary is now canon, and will be seen in the Canto Bight casino, one of the film's many new locations. Sorry, but Porgs are yesterday's news, because Space Gary is forever.

See both Space Gary and the final appearance of Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Dec. 15.

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