Cartoon beyond belief!

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Oct 13, 2007

Where has Cectic been all my life? These are some funny cartoons, and all are skeptical! It takes on homeopathy, psychics, religion, the Moon Hoax, cranks, and, well, let me just point you to this one:

I know, it's schadenfreude, but who can resist? Besides, it's closer to the truth than anything RCH has ever said.

Pirillo, you listening?

There are so many jokes to make here! "Wrong moon!" or "That's no moon..." or "That's no face, it's a butte!" (my standard joke)...

I do take exception to this one though:

Obviously, astronomy and biology are totally different, and no self-respecting astronomer would be caught dead in a cartoon next to a cephalopodufascist or do anything to help them out. Usually. But at least the cartoon put astronomy first.

Tip o' the tentacle to BABloggee Tim Farley!

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