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Casting: Another Life lands a Superman; Deadly Class enrolls its villain; and NOS4A2 adds Luke Cage alum

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Aug 29, 2018, 4:53 PM EDT (Updated)

Lots of casting announcements today, from Netflix's new sci-fi series, SYFY's dark coming-of-age tale, and AMC's upcoming supernatural horror. So let's go ahead and dig right in with the latest round of casting news.

First, Netflix has added a quartet of actors to its new 10-episode sci-fi series Another Life, about a starship crew and their daunting search for alien intelligence. Tyler Hoechlin, best known as Superman on Supergirl, will play Ian Yerxa, the former commander of the crew's space explorations vessel. Orphan Black's Justin Chatwin has landed the role of Erik Wallace, a member of United States Interstellar Command. Samuel Anderson of Doctor Who fame will play William, the holographic interface of a powerful AI program that holds the knowledge of all humanity. And finally, The Walking Dead alum Elizabeth Faith Ludlow will round out the cast as Cas Isakovic, the crew's second-in-command. 

These four will join the previously announced Selma Blair and Katee Sackhoff, with the latter playing the crew's commander. 

Tom Stevens Wayward Pines

Tom Stevens in Wayward Pines (Credit: Fox)

Next up, Deadline reports that Wayward Pines actor Tom Stevens has joined the roster of SYFY's upcoming Deadly Class, based on Rick Remender and Wes Craig's graphic novel from Image Comics.

Set in the 1980s, the story follows a homeless teen recruited into a shady private school where the world's criminals send their kids. Stevens will play Chester "F*ckface" Wilson, a volatile, vengeful school attendee with a bone to pick with Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth), the show's main character.

Finally, Deadline also has word that Karen Pittman will play a recurring role on AMC's supernatural drama NOS4A2, based on Joe Hill's bestselling novel. The series tells the story of Vic McQueen, a working-class artist who can track a vampire-like figure who feeds off the souls of children.

Pittman, who plays Deputy Chief Priscilla Ridley on Netflix's Luke Cage, will play Angela Brewster. Her character is described as a well-put-together Northeast liberal whose cleaning lady is Vic's mother, which will tie her into the show's main story. 

(Via Netflix, Deadline)