Casting breakdown reveals new characters for Season 6 of Game of Thrones

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Jun 22, 2015

Even though Season 5 of Game of Thrones has just ended with a bang a week ago (I’m still trying to pull my jaw off the floor), casting for the sixth season is currently in full swing.

Thanks to "a reliable source," Watchers on the Wall has received some cool descriptions for a slew of characters set to appear on the HBO series. They also note that the showrunners are looking for either Irish or Northern Irish residents to fill most of the roles. Also, an audition video was leaked, and you can find the scene transcribed below.

Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of some of the new characters we’ll see in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, set to premiere in Spring of 2016:

Qhogo and Akrat: HBO is said to be looking for mixed ethnicity or other non-white actors for the roles. The young warriors have to be tall and confident, with swagger and linguistic bravado. They note the actors will have to speak a fictional language, so we can assume they will be Dothraki warriors from the khalasar Dany (Emilia Clarke) has encountered in the season finale.

Lachlan: He’s the leader of a band of renegades who’ve turned on the land they swore to protect (the Riverlands, maybe?). They’re now extorting the poor and vulnerable. Lachlan is set to appear in two episodes during Season 6 next year.

It’s hard to tell who Lachlan really is, but Winter is Coming posits that he could be a Northerner disobeying House Bolton, who’s now wreaking havoc in the Riverlands. There are rumors that Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-waldau) may be heading there next season. 

Flynn: He’s part of an outlaw band -- which is probably Lachlan’s. The group is using religion to justify the terrorizing and extorting of the poor, defenseless people of the countryside. He’s also set to appear in two episodes.

Now this bit is interesting. Could the religion this group of outlaws is using be that of the Sparrows that were introduced in Season 5?

Japeth: He’s another member -- and the lieutenant -- of the outlaw band. He’s described as a "rough-and-ready type" with a strong physical presence. He will also appear in two episodes.

Bower: A powerless servant, he is numb to the horror he serves. It’s said he’ll be filming around one of the days that the outlaw band members are. It could be safe to assume he may be connected to them. The actor is required to have a Northern or Midland English accent, and will appear in one episode only.

Legendary Fighter: The character is a man in his thirties or forties. He’s a great swordsman and a "paragon of knighthood" who carries a hugely famous sword on his back.  The HBO series is actually looking to cast an extraordinary swordsman for the role -- the best in Europe. He will film fight scenes for a week in the upcoming sixth season. His ethnicity/race isn’t specified for this one, unlike many other roles.

I can only assume that the "hugely famous sword" this knight carries could be a Valyrian steel sword, which can defeat the White Walkers. If some of you guys are thinking about Ser Arthur Dayne, note that the character was said to have been killed years ago by Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) and his companions, even though the circumstances of his death remain unclear. Dayne carried "Dawn" -- which was not a Valyrian steel sword, but forged from the heart of a fallen star -- on his back. So that one is really intriguing. If it is Ser Arthur Dayne, could it be a flashback scene? 

Lord of Noble Northern House: This lord is said to be a savage warrior, and he rules a great house in the very far North. The role is said to be a very important one. The man is described as a "massive bear of a man with a beard and temper to match, and hatred that run deep, and he can be violent." The show is looking to cast someone with a powerful physique who can tower over other cast members. He needs to have a Northern English Accent, and have to be at least 180 cm (around 6 feet) tall. He will be in two episodes. It’s interesting to note that the casting age ranges anywhere between 25 and 50.

Winter is Coming thinks the role could be that of Lord Jon Umber, aka the Greatjon. The character has appeared on the show before, but he hasn’t been seen in a while, so they think HBO's looking to recast him. The Umbers do control a house in the "very far North," and they are harboring Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson). But the fact that they’re also looking at actors as young as 25 makes me doubt that it could be the Greatjon…It could be his son, Jon "Smalljon" Umber. However, since the Greatjon is said to be still alive, Smalljon Umber wouldn’t be ruling this house. Anyone has a theory on this one?

Lord of Northern Stronghold: They are looking for an actor in his late thirties or forties to play another lord described as "ruthless and calculating. The frightening lord rules a vassal household with a castle stronghold." The character will be in three episodes , with 20 days of filming this summer and fall.

Although it’s easy to think RANDYLL TARLY! here, there has already been a casting call for the character of Sam’s (John Bradley) dad; unless they’ve yet to find an actor to fill the role, and are sending another casting call for him. 

Hunter: A rough army officer on the hunt appearing in an action scene with the main cast for only one episode.

Submissive Maester: The show is looking to cast a maester in his twenties, and is described as a timid young maester. He’s decent but has trouble standing up to others. He appears in one episode in Season 6.

This could be Maester Kerwin, a young master who ran afoul of Victarion Greyjoy in A Dance with Dragons. Since Game of Thrones is only casting Victarion’s brother Euron "Crow’s Eye" -- the show might combine him with Victarion -- look for Theon’s (Alfie Allen) pirate uncle to possibly murder him (if it is Kerwin) early in the season.

Green Recruit: A young man with one line and one day of filming in August.

Sympathiser 1, 2 & 3:  These are rough military types. One day of filming.

Housemaid: HBO is looking to cast an actress between the ages of 45-65 with a Northern English Accent in the role of a motherly but stern nanny of a large houseold. She’ll be in two episodes.

Father: A tough and old alpha male patriarch. The show is looking for a man with a Northern English Accent who will appear in one episode and has two lines.

Elsewhere, an audition  video for Season 6 has surfaced online on Vimeo (but has since been removed) via Game of Thrones BR, with Portuguese actress Tehmina Sunny (Children of Men, Argo) reading for the role of a Red Priestess of R’hllor named Kinvara, who was mentioned in the casting breakdowns. In the audition, Kinvara arrives in Meereen to offer her assistance to Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Varys (Conleth Hill). The video was transcribed thanks to a WotW reader named Jared. Here you go:

Herald: “You stand in the presence of Kinvara, High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, the Flametruth, the light of wisdom, the first servant of the Lord of the Light.”

Tyrion: “Welcome to Meereen. That’s about the extent of my Valyrian. Do you mind if we continue in Common?”

*Kinvara nods*

Tyrion: “Thank you for traveling all this way. I know from personal experience how uncomfortable the journey can be. The truth is, we need your help. Our hope is that we can persuade you to, to …”

Kinvara: “You want my priests to convince the Meereenese that the city’s conqueror is the people’s savior.”

Tyrion/Varys: “We prefer liberator to conqueror.”

Kinvara: “You don’t have to persuade me of anything. I came to help. Daenerys Stormborn is the One Who Was Promised. From the fire, she was reborn...to remake the world.”

Tyrion: “Yes.”

Kinvara: “She freed the slaves from their chains and crucified the Masters for their sins.”

Tyrion/Varys: “She did indeed.”

Kinvara: “Her dragons are fire made flesh. A gift from the Lord of Light. But you’ve heard all of this before, haven’t you? On the Long Bridge of Volantis? The dragons purify nonbelievers by the thousands, burning their sins and flesh away.”

Tyrion/Varys: “Ideally, we’d avoid purifying many non-believers. The Mother of the Dragon has followers from many different faiths.”

Kinvara: “You want your queen to be worshiped and obeyed. And while she’s gone, you want her advisors to be worshiped and obeyed.”

Tyrion: “I’d settle for obeyed.”

Kinvara: “I will summon mummers and appoint priests. They will spread the word. Daenerys has been sent to lead the people against the darkness...for this war, and the Great War yet to come.”

Varys: “That sounds excellent. A man named Stannis Baratheon was appointed as the Chosen One by one of your priestesses. He too had a glorious destiny. He attacked King’s Landing, and was soundly defeated by the man standing beside me. Last I heard, he’d been defeated again. This time at Winterfell...and this time for good.”

*Kinvara turns her head as if responding to a new speaker, implying that Tyrion is the one who speaks the next line*

Tyrion: “We are grateful for any support you can provide the queen during this trying time.”

*Kinvara turns her head back – Varys speaking again?*

Varys: “I suppose it is hard for a fanatic to admit a mistake. Isn’t that the whole point of being a fanatic? You’re always right. Everything is the Lord’s will.”

Kinvara: “Everything is the Lord’s will. Men and women make mistakes...even honest servants of the Lord.”

Varys: “And you? An honest servant of the Lord? Why should I trust you any more than the priestess who counseled Stannis?”

Tyrion: “My friend has a healthy skepticism of religion, but we’re all loyal supporters of the Queen.”

Kinvara: “Everyone is what they are and where they are for a reason. Terrible things happen for a reason. Take what happened to you, Lord [Varys], when you were a child. If not for the mutilation by the second-rate sorcerer, you would not be here, helping the Lord’s Chosen bring light into this world. Knowledge has made you very powerful....but there is still so much you don’t know. Do you remember what you heard, the night the sorcerer tossed your parts into the flames? Should I tell you what the voice said? Should I tell you the name of the one who spoke or where it lives?”

*Kinvara laughs. Clearly, she has successfully unsettled Varys*

Kinvara: “We serve the same queen. If you are a true friend, you have nothing to fear from me.”

*Kinvara turns and departs*

What do you make of all those new character descriptions and the audition scene?

(via Watchers on the Wall, Winter Is Coming)

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