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Casting: Duck Tales adds flock of guest stars; Star Wars Resistance snags a Frodo; Happy! lands the Big Show

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Sep 25, 2018, 7:55 PM EDT

Disney’s rebooted DuckTales already has proven to be one of the happiest success stories from among TV's current crop of nostalgia-mining revivals. And now it looks as if things are about to get even better, with Disney’s announcement of the impressive vocal talent who’ll be lining up for guest spots in the upcoming Season 2.

Only days after sharing a hilarious video to reveal that DuckTales has plans to get quackin’ on a freshly-approved Season 3 next year, Disney dropped a handful of diverse and interesting names for the guest spots that’ll enliven the upcoming second season.

The series moved from Disney XD to the Disney Channel earlier this year, and a gaggle of all-new episodes is coming soon: Season 2 of DuckTales will premiere on Oct. 20, with Season 3 already cleared for takeoff next year.


Two of science fiction’s most ardent fan bases are about to be treated to yet another crossover, as Frodo himself sheds his Hobbit cloak in exchange for a blaster… or maybe a light saber, or a thermal detonator, or whatever suits his style the best for an early appearance in the all-new Star Wars Resistance animated series.

Via a just-released episode synopsis, Disney revealed that Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood will make a guest appearance in “Fuel for the Fire,” the new series’ third named episode, voicing a pilot who goes by the name of Jace Rucklin.

The episode will air Oct. 21, and Jace is expected to turn up as a friend of fellow Resistance pilot and series protagonist Kazuda “Kaz” Xiono, who’s voiced by Christopher Sean. According to the synopsis, Kaz will befriend “a sky racer named Rucklin who pressures him to take some rare and dangerous hyperfuel hidden in [Jarek] Yeager’s office.”

The Force has been strong recently with the LOTR-Star Wars crossovers, with news coming just last month that fellow Hobbit Dominic Monaghan will play a still-unnamed part in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode IX. As for Star Wars Resistance, look for it starting Oct. 7 on the Disney Channel.

Finally, the WWE’s Big Show is ready to get a little Happy! with Christopher Meloni’s world-weary Nick Sax. SYFY reportedly has tagged the wrestling pro for a recurring role in the second season of the irreverently gonzo comedy, which adapts the graphic novel from writer Grant Morrison and illustrator Darick Robertson.

Via Entertainment Weekly, the 7-foot tall Big Show (aka Paul Wight) will play an inmate named Big Pink, who shares a cell with Blue, one of the gangsters under Francisco Scaramucci from Happy!'s first season.

Wight will join Meloni, along with Patton Oswalt (who voices the titular imaginary blue unicorn), and other returning cast members. As for the plot, a lot is still up in the air as Season 2 prepares to move past its graphic novel source material. SYFY hasn’t yet revealed a premiere date, so stay tuned.