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Casting: Dune may have found its Muad'lead, Walking Dead adds a Tony nominee, Westeros vet joins Rim of the World

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Jul 16, 2018, 5:13 PM EDT

The latest cinematic adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune continues to move forward under the stewardship of director Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049, Arrival), and our excitement continues to mount right along with it. Today we have news that an Oscar nominee is close to bagging the lead role. 

According to Deadline, Timothee Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name) is in final talks to play Paul Atreides, aka the Muad'dib. Originally played by Kyle MacLachlan in the original adaptation by David Lynch, Paul is the fulcrum on which the entire saga rests. He also happens to be the actor picked by a recent round of dream casting for the film, done right here on SYFY WIRE. 

If Chalamet ends up securing the role, is will be wonderful news for Dune fans. He is perfect for the part, and has proven himself to be a serious talent. When you mix in the insane abilities of Villeneuve, you have a recipe for success. If anyone can manage to do justice to the Dune saga (a sci-fi epic that is positively Tolkien-esque in scale) it is Villeneuve. Here's hoping that this one goes through, and that Chalamet will soon be setting off for the desert planet Arrakis. 

Though it is going through some changes, The Walking Dead will still continue to walk. The show will soon be losing Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and will also contain much less Lauren Cohan (Maggie), but other actors are being cast to fill out the ranks. 

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the latest addition to the show will be Lauren Ridloff, a celebrated Broadway actress who was recently nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in Children of a Lesser God. The lauded actress (who happens to be deaf) will have a "multi-episode arc" as the character. 

Connie is a deaf survivor who uses her other senses to read people and situations, and she uses American Sign Language to communicate with others. The Walking Dead comic series also features a character named Connie, and she shows up around the same point that the TV series just arrived at, time jump (or soon-to-come time jump) included. There's no telling how similar the characters will be, though in the comics Connie is not deaf. It won't be the first time the show and the book have had divergent paths— very, very far from it

Other accolades earned by Ridloff include being crowned Miss Deaf America in 2000. She will be the first deaf actress to appear on the show, but she won't be the show's first Tony nominee— Danai Gurira (Michonne) was a nominee as a playwright in 2016, for her play Eclipse

In further casting news today, Deadline is reporting that Game of Thrones veteran Dean Jagger is joining the Netflix movie Rim of the World, to be directed by McG.

Jagger played the traitor Smalljon Umber in Thrones, but he will be swapping fantasy for science fiction here — the new film follows a group of four teens who are forced to band together when an alien invasion begins during their stay at summer camp.

Jagger is set to play the role of Captain Hawking, a military man who will be fighting the invading aliens. Hopefully he will not join up with the aliens in the same way he joined up with Ramsey Bolton— the north remembers.