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Casting: James Corden slated for Super Intelligence; Dania Ramirez to tell CBS's Story

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Jun 13, 2018, 8:06 PM EDT (Updated)

The gregarious James Corden reportedly has agreed to lend his voice to Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming sci-fi comedy Super Intelligence, inking a deal to play the all-knowing, AI techno super-brain who’ll observe (and maybe even snarkily judge) McCarthy’s hapless character.

Corden, host of CBS’ The Late Late Show, will play the film’s titular character opposite McCarthy’s Carol Peters, who, according to Variety, is a “former corporate executive whose earnest, yet unfulfilled, life is turned upside down when she is selected for observation by the world’s first superintelligence” (aka Corden).

Corden’s upcoming voice work comes close on the heels of his vocal turn earlier this year as the main bunny in Sony Pictures’ Peter Rabbit. His disembodied AI voice will boom into theaters again in late 2019, when Super Intelligence debuts on Christmas Day.

dania ramirez once upon a time

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Over on the small screen, the CBS All Access streaming service is shoring up the cast for Tell Me a Story, its upcoming modern-day fairy tale, tapping none other than Dania Ramirez, fresh off her turn as Cinderella in the seventh and final season of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Ramirez, reports Deadline, will play a military veteran named Hannah, whose post-war life in New York carries plenty of traumatic vestiges from her time in service. Hannah “comes back to New York City in an attempt to rebuild her life,” the report states, “but when her estranged brother calls for help she finds herself in a deadly chase for survival.”

CBS’ more mature take on conventional fairy tale fare also will star Danielle Campbell, Kim Catrall, Billy Magnussen, Paul Wesley, and James Wolk. The series’ premise is to reimagine traditional stories along the lines of a “dark and twisted psychological thriller,” the report states, including dramatic themes that delve into greed, vengeance, and murder.

CBS hasn’t revealed a release date yet for the streaming debut of Tell Me a Story, so stay tuned for updates.

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