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Casting: Batman-adjacent shows land villains; Godzilla vs. Kong adds actresses

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Oct 30, 2018, 4:16 PM EDT (Updated)

As Gotham, Titans, Pennyworth, and more expand the DCEU’s Batman-centric universe, TV is in need of more and more bad guys for these sidekicks and young heroes to smash. So of course, the world of comics and the inventive minds adapting them will provide. Two of these Batman-adjacent shows are adding villains to their new season while two titans that alternatively attack and defend humanity landed a new co-star in Godzilla vs. Kong.


First, a show that goes way back in the timeline. According to a release, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’s Jason Flemyng has been cast as series villain Lord Harwood in Pennyworth from Epix. The prequel series will focus on butler Alfred Pennyworth before he became Bruce Wayne's servant, back when he was a strapping military man working with Wayne's father.

Flemyng joins Paloma Faith, who plays villainess Bet Sykes, as one of Alfred’s classy baddies. Harwood is described as a posh and cultured villain whose sadism is covered with slick charm — the perfect match for a man that would become the heroic ideal of service.


Next, a little close to Batman’s donning of the cowl, Deadline reports that Gotham’s final season will see Jim Gordon face off against a new nemesis: Theresa Walker. Played by Dexter actress Jaime Murray, Walker will be Gordon’s primary antagonist during the fifth season, one that has plenty of secrets.

The character’s casting notice described her as “extremely smart as well as driven, she was born and intended to be a leader as she takes control immediately in any room that she is in. Busy planning her next move constantly, Theresa has a major commitment to not just her mission, but also her family.” Who exactly this family is remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised if Walker isn’t the name people know her by in the comics. Gotham begins its end on Jan. 3.


Finally, the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong film from Adam Wingard has cast Baby Driver star Eiza Gonzalez, according to Deadline. Almost concurrently, Variety confirmed that Iron Man 3 actress Rebecca Hall will be joining her as one of the film's leads.

Nothing is known about their characters as of yet, but information will likely come to light as we near the film's planned May 22, 2020 premiere date.