Casting roundup: Aquaman indoctrinates Randall Park; Luke Cage deputizes Antonique Smith

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Jun 21, 2018, 5:55 AM EDT (Updated)

There's a theme to this latest round of casting news, and it involves two big superhero projects each adding a new face to the mix.

First up, is DC's Aquaman. Despite the fact that director James Wan revealed that the movie had wrapped in October last year, there has been some reshoots going on since that time, and he's now even welcomed a whole new character.

"So happy and fortunate to be finally working with this man, @parkrandall, on pickups. #DrShin,” Wan tweeted on Thursday, confirming that actor Randall Park will be playing Dr. Shin in the movie.

In the comics, Shin was a marine biologist who mentored young Aquaman after his father discovered his unique abilities. So it’s fair to assume he could have a pretty significant role in the movie, even if after showing up a little late.

It certainly appears that DC is leaving nothing to chance with putting the finishing touches on this one. After the lackluster response to Justice League, Aquaman could help turn things around if it proves to be on a level-playing field with the mighty Wonder Woman.

Aquaman will dive into cinemas just in time for Christmas, Dec. 21, 2018.

Elsewhere, season two of the Netflix series Luke Cage is also adding a new character to the action. According to, Grammy nominated singer (check out her work above) and actress Antonique Smith (Notorious) will be playing the role of Detective Nandi Tyler, said to be a new character to the Marvel family.

Per the report, Smith’s character will serve as a nemesis of sorts to Misty Knight (played by Simone Missick.) The pair are said to have first met in high school, and with Nandi back on the scene to help out after Misty’s injury during the Defenders series, all hell is set to break loose.

Sounds like a fun shake-up for the show, which will return to the streaming service with all-new episodes on June 22.

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