Casting Roundup: John Lithgow new Jud Crandall in Pet Sematary remake; Amazon Prime’s sci-fi thriller The Feed gets cast

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May 4, 2018, 4:25 PM EDT (Updated)

Okay, gang. We’ve got some casting updates for the Pet Sematary remake and an upcoming Black Mirror-esque sci-fi thriller from Amazon Prime. So let’s get right to it, shall we? 

“Sometimes, dead is better.” We’ve got some more casting news on the new remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. John Lithgow has been cast as Jud Crandall in the new film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1983 novel, Pet Sematary, Entertainment Weekly is reporting. 

Jud is the friendly neighbor of the Creed Family who paradoxically shows them an ungodly burial ground that brings dead pets back to life — sort of — yet warns them to stay away from it. Jason Clarke has already been cast as Louis Creed, the patriarch of the Creed Family who befriends the octogenarian next-door neighbor (that is to say, Jud is in his 80s. Lithgow is 72). 

In Pet Sematary, Louis Creed buries his daughter’s dead cat in an ancient Micmac burial ground after it’s hit by a truck, only to have it return as a malevolent version of its former self. When his toddler son then tragically dies, Louis buries him in the same ancient burial ground in the hopes to resurrect him. Not to get all spoilery, but it’s not a great plan. 

The late Fred Gwynne (The Munsters) originally played the role of Jud in the first film adaptation in 1989. Mary Lambert directed the original based on a script King himself wrote. 

Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch (Starry Eyes) are set to direct this new version of Pet Sematary, based off a script by Jeff Buhler (showrunner of SYFY's George R.R. Martin series Nightflyers).

The movie begins shooting this summer for a scheduled theatrical release of April 19, 2019.

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Next up, David Thewlis (Harry Potter) and Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones) are set to star in Amazon Prime’s upcoming sci-fi drama, The Feed, Deadline is reporting. Guy Burnet (Counterpart) and Nina Toussaint White (EastEnders) are also set to star. 

Created by showrunner Channing Powell (The Walking Dead), the series is based on the novel of the same name by Nick Clark Windo. Carl Tibbetts will direct all 10 episodes.

The series is set in London in the near future and centers on the family of Lawrence Hatfield (Thewlis), inventor of The Feed, which is implanted into nearly everyone’s brain, and enables users to instantly share information, emotions and memories (okay, so, like Portlandia’s “mind fi”). But when things start to go wrong and users become murderous, the Hatfield family is driven apart as they struggle to control the monster they have unleashed.

Fairley plays Lawrence Hatfield’s wife Meredith, CEO of the powerful global company that runs The Feed. Burnet plays Tom Hatfield, the eldest Hatfield son and the subject of his father’s early experiments on inserting the neural mesh that connects people to The Feed. Tom is married to Kate (White), a young American who shares his wariness to being constantly “on.”

The Feed will begin filming in the U.K. this month for a global premiere next year.

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