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Casting roundup: Ken Watanabe is a Pokemon detective, the Wicked Witch finds a fiance

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Jan 24, 2018, 11:05 AM EST

Today’s casting roundup has some unlikely roles being cast — even in the realm of all things fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. The very existence of these oddball characters should lighten up even the roughest mid-week hump.


First, joining Ryan Reynolds in Detective Pikachu, the Oscar-nominated Ken Watanabe will be playing a role specifically created for the film adaptation — Detective Yoshida, per The Hollywood Reporter. The live-action Pokemon movie from Goosebumps director Rob Letterman starts shooting in London this month and follows a kidnapping story in the world of Pokemon. Well, the weird off-world of Pokemon where Pikachu is a talking detective, that is.


Watanabe’s detective could either be Pikachu’s partner or a grim, by-the-books traditionalist who hates the loose-cannon Pokemon detective. We’re hoping for the latter.


As far as grim hopes go, there’re none more primed for fulfillment than the announcement that the Wicked Witch is getting a fiance on Once Upon a Time. According to Entertainment Weekly Runaways star Kip Pardue has been cast in a guest-starring role as the fiancé of Zelena (Rebecca Mader). Zelena’s alter ego Kelly, that is. Pardue plays romance-prone Chad, who is keeping Zelena away from Hyperion Heights.


Chad makes his debut in the show’s 150th episode, coming in April.


If the Wicked Witch has found love and the star of The Last Samurai can investigate crimes alongside an electric rodent, maybe there’s hope for us all.