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Casting: Shining Sequel gets its Snakebite Andi; The 100 adds one more; Snowpiercer ices a lawyer

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Sep 24, 2018, 11:28 AM EDT (Updated)

Doctor Sleep, the in-development sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s masterful 1977 adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining, continues to round out its cast with the reported addition of Emily Alyn Lind (shown above) as supernatural gang member Snakebite Andi.

Deadline reports that Lind (Replicas, Revenge) has signed on to play the character, a member of the psychically attuned True Knot gang that, in King’s Doctor Sleep novel, craves the “steam” of the children who possess the “shining” — the same ability Danny Torrance was both blessed and cursed with in the first film.

So named for her serpentine tattoo, Snakebite Andi carries the trauma of her father’s sexual abuse into adulthood, which she inhabits as a man-hating closet lesbian whose power to induce sleep in others highlights both her quirks and her gifts.

Lind joins a cast headed by Ewan McGregor (who’ll play a grown-up Danny), Rebecca Ferguson (True Knot's leader Rose the Hat), Kyliegh Curran ("shining"-empowered Abra Stone), Carl Lumbly, Bruce Greenwood, Alex Essoe, and Zahn McClarnon.

Directed by Mike Flanagan (Gerald’s Game), Warner Bros.’ follow-up to The Shining is set to land in theaters on Jan. 24, 2020.

The 100 is preparing to embark on its sixth post-apocalyptic season at The CW, and it's picking up a new recurring cast member in the process. Entertainment Weekly reports that JR Bourne (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Teen Wolf) has signed on to play a new character named Russell.

Via that report, Russell is a “charismatic leader, a visionary and pioneer” who’ll lead one of the factions as he navigates the same moral gray areas that suffuse the rest of The 100’s fractured world. He also will reportedly become involved — romantically or otherwise — with rival Earthbound faction leader Clarke (Eliza Taylor).

The CW hasn’t announced a premiere date for Season 6, so stay tuned.

TNT’s upcoming Snowpiercer series, based on the 2013 dystopian movie bearing the same name, has just made a big addition with the pickup of Kerry O’Malley (The Orville, Annabelle: Creation, Terminator Genisys) for a recurring role.

Via Deadline, O’Malley will play Lilah Folger, who with her daughter LJ occupies the privileged front section of the series’ ever-moving train, filled with post-apocalyptic survivors traveling through an icebound landscape. Folger reportedly is an “old money” former lawyer who’s now protective of both LJ and their station (both literally and figuratively) as members of the train’s class-segregated elite.

Last week, the show added Iranian-American actor Shaun Toub to a cast that already includes leads Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, as well as Steven Ogg, Timothy V. Murphy, Happy Anderson, and Jonathan Lloyd Walker. TNT has revealed that it plans to debut the series sometime next year, but hasn’t announced a premiere date.

Finally, we know who’ll be playing the unenviable role of dog catcher in Disney’s live-action, straight-to-digital reboot of Lady and the Tramp. Via Deadline, that honor goes to Adrian Martinez (Focus, I Feel Pretty).

Martinez reportedly will play Elliot, the dog catcher for the Charlie Bean-directed movie, joining Tessa Thompson (who’s voicing Lady) and Justin Theroux (who’s voicing the Tramp), alongside a live cast including Yvette Nicole Brown, Kiersey Clemons, and Thomas Mann.

The movie is slated for a release directly to Disney’s forthcoming, still-unnamed streaming platform, which doesn’t have a definite release date — other than Disney’s pledge that it’ll be appearing sometime next year.