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Casting: Twilight Zone expands, Manifest’s big new role, Netflix conjures horror team for Rebecca

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Nov 15, 2018, 4:20 PM EST

Jordan Peele’s take on The Twilight Zone reportedly has added Kumail Nanjiani to star in an episode of the rebooted anthology classic, further fleshing out what fans can expect ahead of the show’s arrival at CBS All Access.

Nanjiani (Silicon Valley) will appear in a single episode of The Twilight Zone, reports The Wrap, a casting move that makes sense given the new show’s adherence to the classic’s anthology format. Peele himself may end up being the only cast member to appear in each episode, since he’s filling the role of the late Rod Serling as the series’ narrator.

The addition of Nanjiani brings the show’s total announced cast member count to three, alongside Sanaa Lathan (Alien vs. Predator) and Adam Scott (Ghosted, The Good Place). 

Lathan will appear in an episode titled “Rewind,” while Scott will star in “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet,” which reimagines William Shatner’s classic role in the original Twlight Zone as a window-gazing flyer who witnesses a gremlin destroying the wing of his airborne plane.

Production on The Twilight Zone kicked off last month, with CBS eying a 2019 release for its sci-fi-heavy streaming service.

Speaking of airplanes, NBC has just made an intriguing new addition for a key recurring role as Manifest closes out its hit debut season and rounds the corner toward a still-unannounced season 2.

Deadline reports that Matt Long (Mad Men, Helix) will join the Manifest cast as Zeke, “a mysterious new character whose arrival triggers a new relationship triangle and upends the series’ mythology.”

Manifest follows the passengers and crew of the fictional Montego Air Flight 828, who arrive at their New York destination after some strange in-flight turbulence only to discover that the rest of the world presumed their plane had been lost five years ago. 

Does the addition of a new romantic distraction mean Zeke will end up catching Michaela’s eye, since she’s newly single? We’ll just have to wait and see. NBC recently added three new episodes to the tail end of the time-warping show’s first season, giving us plenty of reason to hope we’ll be hearing about its plans for Season 2 very soon.

Finally, Netflix is adapting Daphne du Maurier’s gothic romantic thriller Rebecca with Ben Wheatley (Kill List, High Rise) on board to direct. The streaming giant announced this week that Lily James (Mamma Mia!, Darkest Hour) and Armie Hammer (The Social Network, Call Me By Your Name) have been cast in the two lead roles. 

Famously made into a 1940 movie classic by Alfred Hitchcock, Rebecca tells the story of a young woman who can’t escape the shadow of the dead woman whose place she’s taken as the new paramour of a wealthy estate owner. 

Netflix hasn’t yet announced a premiere date for Rebecca, but the script is being written by Jane Goldman, whose previous work includes X-Men: First Class and the Kingsman series, so we’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled.

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