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Casting: Wonder Woman 1984 adds Natasha Rothwell, Apple can 'See' Alfre Woodard in new role, and more

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Jul 25, 2018, 1:32 PM EDT

After a deluge of new footage, trailers, and announcements from San Diego Comic-Con, fans might think that this week might be taking it easy when it comes to staffing all things genre coming through the film industry. Well that’s just not how it works. Especially when you’ve got projects like Wonder Woman 2 on their way.

According to Deadline, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 is adding Natasha Rothwell to the DCEU sequel for Warner Bros. in a secret role. Rothwell is a comic writer, producer, and actress, so she may be adding some levity to a film already staffed with Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Pedro Pascal. She’s also no stranger to genre, as she’ll be appearing in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film. Video games, comic books — Rothwell is here for it.

Apple is tapping into sci-fi as it ramps up efforts to begin competing with Netflix, Amazon, and the rest of the streaming space. Variety reports that Luke Cage’s Alfre Woodard has signed on to star in See, the original sci-fi drama series that already landed Aquaman’s Jason Momoa earlier this month.

See is still mostly a mystery, though Apple has revealed it’s as an epic, world-building drama set in the future. Woodard will play a character named Paris, “an advisor and priestess,” per the report, alongside Momoa’s previously announced Baba Voss — a tough, warrior type.

The show is being written by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things, World War Z 2), with the first batch of episodes reportedly being directed by Hunger Games alumnus Francis Lawrence.


Disney’s upcoming reboot of Lady and the Tramp apparently is picking up steam, with Deadline reporting Ashley Jensen (Sherlock Gnomes) as the first to board the project in a support role: that of Jackie, the Scottish Terrier (now a female) who, in the 1955 original, was known as Jock.

The new Lady and the Tramp reportedly will land exclusively at Disney’s in-development streaming subscription service, bypassing a release in theaters altogether. Disney’s Netflix-fighting digital platform is set to debut sometime next year.

Charlie Bean (The Lego Ninjago Movie) will direct Lady and the Tramp, which updates the classic animated movie with a mix of live action and CGI. The project could begin shooting later this year, via the report.


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In keeping with the theme of levity, an upcoming AI comedy is adding another comedian to its ranks. According to Variety, Melissa McCarthy’s action/comedy from New Line, Superintelligence, has cast Veep and Detroiters star Sam Richardson as an as-of-yet unnamed NSA agent alongside a cast already stacked with humorous talent. This is the latest of McCarthy’s collaborations with her director husband, Ben Falcone — this time about an evil “superintelligent” AI. Sounds hilarious — right, Alexa?

Superintelligence opens Dec. 25, 2019, while Wonder Woman 1984 opens almost two months before, on Nov. 1, 2019. The digital platforms from Apple and Disney, of course, still don't have announced launch dates.