Casting: Zachary Quinto joins NOS4A2; Iron Man alum boards Snowpiercer; Underworld actress lands royal role in Knightfall

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Sep 13, 2018, 7:45 PM EDT

A sci-fi fan favorite takes the evil lead in an upcoming horror epic as today's latest casting news takes shape.

Zachary Quinto, best known as Spock in the Kelvin timeline Star Trek movies, just nabbed the role of Charlie Manx in AMC's upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill's horror novel NOS4A2. Manx is an immortal being who feeds off the souls of children, then dispatches whatever is left to a holiday village of his imagination called Christmasland, where every day is Christmas Day and unhappiness is against the law.

But Manx is soon threatened by a young woman named Vic McQueen, an artist with a supernatural ability to track Manx, who sets out to stop him and rescue his victims. McQueen will be played by Ashleigh Cummings, who recently turned up in the 2016 psychological horror thriller Hounds of Love.

Quinto's breakout role was as the supervillain Sylar in the NBC series Heroes, which debuted in 2006 and lasted for four seasons. He was then cast as Spock, appearing in Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and Star Trek Beyond (2016).

He has stated his tentative intention to come back for Star Trek 4, but recent contract disputes involving two of his co-stars may put that film on hold. Quinto's other credits include Snowden, American Horror Story, Hannibal, Hotel Artemis, and the History Channel revival of the documentary series In Search Of...

Production on NOS4A2 began this week in Rhode Island, with the 10-part series scheduled to premiere in 2019.

Iron Man Shaun Toub Robert Downey Jr

Credit: Marvel Studios

Meanwhile, TNT's TV series Snowpiercer, based on the post-apocalyptic film of the same name, continues to add to its cast. Deadline reports that Iranian-American actor Shaun Toub — whose Professor Ho Yinsen helped Tony Stark build his first arc reactor and armored suit back in 2008's Iron Man — has joined the show in a recurring role.

Toub will play a character named Terence, described as the "charming, conniving and ultimately dangerous" ruler of the Black Market. We're not sure what that is or how it fits into the world of Snowpiercer, which is based on the 2013 movie about a massive supertrain that carries the last remnants of humanity in an endless loop around a devastated Earth. But the show will apparently expand upon the universe of the film, so we may well see sections of the train that were previously unexplored.

Snowpiercer has had its ups and downs, with both a showrunner and a top director leaving the production, but the futuristic take on class warfare and survival politics, which also stars Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, seems to now be speeding along on the track toward an unspecified 2019 premiere.

Underworld Blood Wars Clementine Nicholson

Credit: Screen Gems

Finally, Clementine Nicholson, who played the vampire Lena in Underworld: Blood Wars, will show up on the second season of History’s mystical medieval series Knightfall. Nicholson will play Margaret, Princess of Burgundy, the wife of Prince Louis of France (Tom Forbes). The role is said to be a recurring one, according to Deadline.

Knightfall focuses on the Knights Templar, the enigmatic religious-military order that was assigned to protect Christianity's most hallowed relics during the Middle Ages. The show debuted in December 2017 and was renewed just last month. Tom Cullen stars as Templar leader Landry du Lauzon, who's consumed with finding the prized Holy Grail. (Fun fact: The Knights Templar were portrayed as an evil coven who turned into eyeless skeletal blood-drinkers in the 1970s cult Spanish horror film Tombs of the Blind Dead and its three sequels.)

The premiere date for Season 2 of Knightfall has yet to be announced, but Mark Hamill also recently signed on to play the role of Talus, a “battle-hardened Jedi Master Knight Templar" who is "tasked with training the new initiates to the Order."