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Castle Rock just explained that eerie throwback to The Shining

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Aug 9, 2018

For anyone who has ventured into the universe of Stephen King and actually come out alive, the name "Torrance" should mean something — and in Hulu's Castle Rock series, it definitely does.

There has been suspicion surrounding death-obsessed Castle Rock historian Jackie Torrance (Jane Levy) since she was first introduced. Her name is the ghost of a man who was driven to madness as he was sucked further and further into the Overlook Hotel’s world of phantoms and delusions in The Shining. Episode 5 finally unearths her connection to him.

When Jackie is talking with Bill Skarsgard’s unnamed character in the car right after he breaks out of prison, she gives away some telling things about her past and a certain infamous relative.

“This town is so blah. People bitch about the bad old days, when there were like, serial killers and psychopathic dogs… but I would give my left tit to go back there,” she tells the escaped criminal.

Besides making her possibly the most morbid person ever, that might not be saying much until she confides something else to him.

“I had this uncle, though,” she continues. “He was a writer too. One winter he flipped his lid and tried to axe-murder his wife and kids in a fancy ski resort. And my folks will never talk to me about it. So I took his name… to piss them off. My real name is Diane.”

Whether you imagine him as the tortured man who went up in flames in the book or Jack Nicholson’s manic and borderline monstrous axe murderer, Jack Torrance is not someone you’d want to encounter in a dark alley (or hotel). Is Jackie?

Depending on how Castle Rock continues to unravel, we’ll find out if the connection to her uncle is more than just blood. Nothing wrong with the name Diane, but it doesn’t have that same connection to Jack Torrance that the female version of his own name does.

This may or may not mean something in future episodes. Keep watching and leave the light on.

Oh, and give yourself nightmares with Hulu's new Castle Rock virtual reality experience.


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