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Credit: @Cat_Cosplay on Twitter

Cat cosplay will affirm your faith in the world [Ep #102]

Sep 23, 2019

The world is a tough place to live right now, with political turmoil, environmental chaos, and the endless minor inconveniences over everyday life. We all have vices to indulge when it gets a bit too overwhelming, some more gentle and legal than others. We here at SYFY WIRE indulge in guilty pleasure horror films, buy comic books, and spend a few minutes (or hours) flicking through the Cat Cosplay Twitter account.

And we're not the only ones — the Washington State-based kitty account boasts over 168,000 followers, all of whom hunger for the exact thing the title promises: cats in cosplay. (It's also delivered by our Cospets series!)

The account certainly delivers, and to learn more about how these incredible costumes and scenes are constructed, we spoke to the human proprietor of @Cat_Cosplay on this new episode of The Fandom Files.

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