Star Wars loth wolves

Cataloging the cuddly and not-so-cuddly dogs of Star Wars

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May 31, 2018, 12:00 PM EDT

The Star Wars galaxy is vast — there is no limit to the different kinds of species we see. We’ve met all manner of monster creatures, but there seem to be few domesticated pets in Star Wars, especially ones that resemble dogs.

If you're a Star Wars fan, it's like you've heard of womp rats and Loth-cats, but what about the canines? Out of concern for dog lovers everywhere, we dug into the matter and realized there were more there than we thought. Here are our favorite dog-like creatures in Star Wars (we're leaving off the Vulptex, aka the crystal foxes in The Last Jedi, because they're more like wild foxes than dogs).



The first dog-like creature we saw in Star Wars came to us in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in Jabba’s Palace. Buboicullar (or Bubo for short) was a frog-dog. He wasn’t much of a pet, though, as frog-dogs were actually a sentient species all on their own. Jabba allowed Buboicullar to appear like a pet so he might spy on other courtiers in his retinue and then provide Jabba with valuable information and give him an advantage over his enemies.


Star Wars massiff

These desert hounds were native to planets like Tatooine and Geonosis and were domesticated by tribes of Tuskens, Weequay pirates, and even the bug-like Geonosians. They could be playful but were mainly used as trackers, hunters, and guard animals.

Massiffs were large, too, standing as much as a meter high; smaller species could even use them as mounts. One Massiff in particular, Grizzer, is important to galactic events, as it was used to track down Ahsoka Tano on Coruscant while she was facing murder charges.


These pack animals featured in the animated shows. They were wild and barely domesticated. The infamous Kyuzo bounty hunter Embo kept one as a dog-like companion. His name was Marrok. 


Although they’d long been considered extinct, Loth-wolves made a reappearance on the planet Lothal in the waning days of the Galactic Civil War. These wolves had a deep connection to the Force and made themselves known to Ezra Bridger and the crew of the Ghost.

The particular batch of Loth-wolves that appeared in Star Wars Rebels could travel instantly from one hemisphere of the planet to another, along with their human riders. They were instrumental in the liberation of Lothal, and without them there is little doubt that Grand Admiral Thrawn would have leveled the planet’s populated centers.


These hounds were used by Lady Proxima’s White Worms as hunters and enforcers to keep the children in Proxima’s employ cowed. They were vicious creatures and made terrible pets, which made them perfect to keep the scrumrats in constant fear. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, they’re used to hunt down Han and Qi’ra in the Imperial Control Center.

The hounds were actually an homage to the Death Dogs in Ron Howard’s Willow. Screenwriter Jon Kasdan explained that those Death Dogs terrified him as a kid, and they appeared in the very first drafts of Solo, even before Howard was brought on to direct.

All of these sorts of canine-like beasts are very cool, but why isn’t there a more cuddly version of a dog in a galaxy far, far away? Perhaps in Star Wars Resistance Dave Filoni might offer the universe the dog equivalent of a Loth-cat or a Tooka. In the meantime, there is no shortage of officially licensed Star Wars costumes that you can put your own pet dogs into. Like this AT-AT dog costume Rubies makes: