Relive all 8 Harry Potter films in epic 13 minute supercut

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Dec 17, 2012

It took eight movies to contain J.K. Rowling's huge Harry Potter series—but who has nearly 24 hours to actually watch it all? Luckily, that's where this new supercut comes in handy.

A new fan video recaps the entire series into a little over 13 minutes, and it's absolutely breathtaking to see all the different films tied together in such a concise package.

What stands out most is the way the tone of the series changed from the relatively bright and cheery debut to the dark (literally) and more mature mood of the later films.

So if you're going into Hunger Games fatigue waiting for Catching Fire to open, relive the massive young-adult series that started it all below:

What do you think? Does this cut do it justice?

(Via Collider)