CBS just revealed what the back half of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season is about

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:21 AM EDT (Updated)

CBS All Access’ streaming hit Star Trek: Discovery is already coming back for a season season, but fans are gearing up for the Season 1 midseason break this weekend — and now we know what to expect when the show returns in 2018.

Spoilers ahead for the first season of Star Trek: Discovery!

As Deadline reports, the network has released a synopsis for the back half of the season, and though it’s admittedly on the short side, it does reveal a major event coming in the midseason finale this Sunday — plus what looks to be the focus of the early part of Season 1B when it premieres in January.

Here’s the synopsis:

In Chapter 2, while in unfamiliar territory, the USS Discovery crew is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home. It wraps with the Season 1 finale on Sunday, February 11.

As fans are well aware, the crux of the series follows the crew of the Discovery, an experimental Federation ship that uses a cutting-edge spore drive to be able to instantaneously drop in and out of space. The Federation sees it as a critical tool in the brewing war with the Klingons, but this being a bleeding-edge piece of tech, it’s not exactly the most reliable mode of transportation.

Judging by the tease for the back half of the season, it seems the spore drive malfunctions, or over-jumps, leaving the crew in “unfamiliar territory” following a looming clash with the Klingons. The phrasing is noticeably vague and could mean a lot of things. Sure, perhaps they’re dropped in an uncharted part of space, or who knows, maybe they’ll wind up in the Mirror Universe? Regardless, this show is easily one of the most serialized projects in Trek history, so it stands to reason that mission to return home could possibly take up a multi-episode arc to wrap up the season.

The midseason finale of Discovery airs Sunday night on CBS All Access, and the back half of the season returns January 7 for the final six episodes.

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