CBS' Supergirl is looking to cast Superman. Sort of.

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Feb 25, 2015, 11:45 AM EST (Updated)

Looks like the Man of Steel will fly in to check on his cousin Kara on CBS’ upcoming superhero TV series Supergirl, at least in the pilot. Kryptonsite has come across the Project Casting website, which mentions that Supergirl is actually looking for a "photo double that is five-foot-eleven or taller" who needs to be "Square Jawed." Oh, and he also has to have "a ripped physique." But there's more. 

The casting call also specifies that they want a body double for a DC Comic superhero ... which, thanks to the above info, makes it sound a lot like Superman, don’t you think? Five foot eleven (or taller) is pretty close in height to current Supes Henry Cavill, who is 6 foot 1. We'll probably get to see the Son of Krypton from afar or from the back, or his view may also be obstructed or out of focus, and the actual, specific height won’t matter much, especially since the TV series probably won't be part of the DC Cinematic Universe at large. 

But it's the following piece of info that totally seals the deal: “You must send a bodyshot, shirtless, sizes, current contact info and your first five to [email deleted] – in the subject line write SUPERMAN.”

We already knew that Supergirl was taking place in a world where Supes does exist, and the name of Kal-El has been dropped quite a few times in those leaked audition tapes. But it’s awesome to see they’re actually looking for someone to put on the red cape and fill in the tights on the comic-book-based TV show, even if it's probably more in a cameo capacity (we guess they'll look for more than just a body double if they decide to make the Man of Steel role more important in the future). What do you think?

(via TV Line)