CBS' new Holmes series shakes up Sherlock: Lucy Liu is Watson!

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Dec 16, 2012

Everyone worried that CBS' upcoming Sherlock Holmes series Elementary might rip off the BBC's exceptional Sherlock can breathe a sigh of relief—because the U.S. version is definitely taking a few liberties.

Genre stalwart Lucy Liu (Rise: Blood Hunter, Kill Bill) has signed on to play Holmes' partner Dr. Joan Watson, a former surgeon who works with the detective. In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original novels the character was male.

It was recently announced that Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers, Trainspotting) will play detective Sherlock Holmes , who TV Guide describes as "a recovering addict and consultant for the NYPD."

There has been some bad blood between the creators of the two modern-day Holmes series, with the producers of the U.K. version even hinting that a lawsuit could be on the way if the shows prove too familiar.

Sherlock producer Sue Vertue has snarked no end that CBS is ripping them off, though this latest bit of casting news shows they at least plan to shake up Conan Doyle's century-old formula.

What do you think? Does the central casting make you more or less interested in seeing how CBS' take on Holmes works out?

(via TV Guide)