Updated: Trek, Battlestar referenced in sci-fi-themed CSI episode

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

[Updated: (Spoilers!) We screened the episode and were surprised to see not only Battlestar Galactica cast member Kate Vernon, but also cameos by a couple of other Battlestar players: Ronald D. Moore and Grace Park. Moore even gets a line in the episode rich with irony to anyone who recalls the initial backlash against the reboot of Battlestar.]

CBS, part of the corporation that owns the rights to Star Trek, will go where lots of people have gone before with a sci-fi-themed episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on April 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and you can watch a clip here.

In the episode, Hodges (Wallace Langham) and Wendy (Liz Vassey) run into each other at a science fiction convention for one of their favorite classic television shows that is not Star Trek and end up investigating the murder of one of their beloved actors.

The clip shows a fantasy sequence in which Hodges imagines himself the captain of a starship that's not the Enterprise—though it has the Enterprise's sound effects and background score—who expresses his feelings for Yeoman Wendy, who is not Yeoman Rand, though she shares a similar if not identical hairstyle highlighted by a comparably preposterous hairpiece.

Did we mention Battlestar Galactica's Kate Vernon is a guest star?